February 2017

[Scheduled] The MDS database will be read-only for 4 hours on Saturday for maintenance
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Feb 25, 12:00-16:00 UTC
[Scheduled] Planned Maintenance of the MDS Database
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Feb 4, 10:00-16:00 UTC
We are experiencing heavy load on our main database server
The issue has been resolved by adding extra caching for a frequent database call.
Jan 31, 10:48 - Feb 1, 09:57 UTC

January 2017

We are experiencing a heavy load on our MDS database
The issue with heavy database load has been resolved.
Jan 26, 16:02-22:10 UTC
[Scheduled] MDS restart
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jan 26, 13:00-13:15 UTC
[Scheduled] Planned maintenance of MDS database
Planned maintenance of the MDS database has been completed.
Jan 7, 16:46 - Jan 8, 11:42 UTC
We are experiencing intermittend availability issues with several of our services
We have resolved the issue, one of our proxy servers was not working properly.
Jan 5, 06:58 - Jan 6, 07:45 UTC
The Eventdata service is experiencing heavy load
The issue with the Event Data service has been resolved.
Jan 4, 15:34 - Jan 5, 00:14 UTC
[Scheduled] Scheduled database maintenance of test service
The migration of the test database has been completed
Jan 4, 21:01 UTC

December 2016

Issues with MDS
The MDS is operating normally again, a Java memory issue has been resolved.
Dec 15, 16:07-18:11 UTC
Planned service outage
All services are operating as expected again.
Dec 13, 09:13-09:48 UTC
'Request timeout' in Datacite Search
This incident has been resolved.
Dec 4, 10:38 - Dec 5, 10:43 UTC

November 2016

Facets not showing in DataCite Search
Search (facets, pagination and citation formatter) is functioning normally again
Nov 23, 17:30 - Nov 25, 20:44 UTC
[Scheduled] Scheduled Upgrade of APIs
The scheduled upgrade of our APIs has been completed.
Nov 3, 14:15-14:22 UTC

October 2016

SSL certificates for Labs and Test subdomains renewed
We have renewed the SSL certificates for *.labs.datacite.org and *.test.datacite.org subdomains. We don't expect any issues for users of our services.
Oct 30, 18:56 UTC
Issues logging in into MDS
The issue with signing in into the MDS has been resolved.
Oct 11, 09:32-17:03 UTC

September 2016

Health checks not working correctly
By fixing a malformed CORS header the health checks are working normally again, and the uptime is correctly reported on the status page.
Sep 25, 20:36 - Sep 26, 08:02 UTC
Errors registering DOIs with the Metadata Store
The issue with registering DOIs with the MDS has been resolved, and registrations are working as expected again.
Sep 16, 17:53 - Sep 17, 01:05 UTC
API and Search
This incident has been resolved.
Sep 8, 14:44 - Sep 9, 10:18 UTC

August 2016

Profiles login broken
Login into the Profiles service should work as expected again.
Aug 22, 11:42 - Aug 29, 21:32 UTC
Search backend server down
Search, content negotiation and OAI-PMH are operating normally.
Aug 18, 12:48 - Aug 22, 11:41 UTC
Some services not responding
All services functioning normal again. The issue with properly authenticating a Docker service has been resolved.
Aug 16, 14:07-17:45 UTC
Search slow in morning hours
Search server recovered
Aug 14, 08:30-09:25 UTC

July 2016

Updated SSL Certificate
SSL certificates have been successfully updated.
Jul 5, 18:17 - Jul 12, 11:39 UTC

June 2016

Partial outage of several servers
We had temporary problems with one of our proxy servers due to changes we made to our network setup. This has been resolved.
Jun 28, 11:32 UTC

May 2016

Labs Search
Issues with Labs Search have been resolved.
May 16, 23:05 - May 17, 04:35 UTC
The incident has been resolved.
May 16, 16:55-17:17 UTC
The issue has been resolved and ORCID profiles are updated properly again.
May 14, 04:31-11:42 UTC

April 2016

Issues with the DB have been solved. MDS is back to normal. We are sorry for the inconvenience!
Apr 24, 12:44 - Apr 25, 12:59 UTC

March 2016

Labs Search
Claiming of ORCID records in Labs Search is fully operational again.
Mar 1, 20:41 - Mar 13, 11:36 UTC

February 2016

The memory and disk space problems with our search server have been resolved, and the services are operating normally again.
Jan 30, 07:19 - Feb 1, 19:33 UTC

January 2016

We had a temporal issue with our search server starting at 4:25 GMT, that was resolved at 9:50 GMT.
Jan 29, 11:15 UTC
Mailing Lists
We have resolved the issues that some users were having with the new mailing lists.
Jan 26, 10:17 - Jan 29, 10:06 UTC
[Scheduled] MDS
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jan 20, 10:00-11:00 UTC

December 2015

No incidents reported for this month.